Our Team

Saboohi Hussain
Acting President RWCCI (2022-2023)
Rahat Jabeen
Vice President (2022-23)
Miss. Uzma Shahid Butt
President: RWCCI (2021-2022)
Miss Almas Akhtar
S. V.President RWCCI (2021-2022)
Noreen Tariq
Vice President RWCCI (2021-2022)
Neelam Khalid Chaudhary
President: RWCCI (2020-2021)
Rakhshanda Jabeen
S. V.President RWCCI (2020-2021)
Fozia Tabassum Shoukat
Vice President RWCCI (2020-2021)
Ambreen Zaman
President: RWCCI (2019-2020)
Seema Iqbal
S. V.President RWCCI (2019-2020)
Yasmin Akhtar
Vice President RWCCI (2019-2020)
Abida Babar
President: RWCCI (2018-2019)
Sadia Waseem
S.V. President RWCCI (2018 - 2019)
Uzma Shahid
Vice President RWCCI (2018-2019)
Asma Kanwal
Founder President: RWCCI (2016 - 2018)
Neelam Khalid
Founder S.V.President RWCCI (2016 - 2018)
Rahat Farooq
Founder V.President RWCCI (2016-2018)

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To look for long haul relations with individuals reflecting reasonableness, genuineness and straightforwardness.