empowering women‎
empowering women‎



Saboohi Hussain President RWCCI (2022-2024)

Our Profile

Since our establishment, RWCCI has portrayal in government advisory Committees and Boards. Agents of ‎RWCCI offer proposals to policymakers on different strategy related issues for business advancement to build ‎nearby and remote venture, to grow charge net, increment sends out, and so on. High government authorities ‎are welcomed at Chamber to examine with them neighborhood issues of business people and to discover ‎arrangements of featured issues with common coordination and joint effort.‎

RWCCI serves as a beacon of support, offering women entrepreneurs the essential resources, ‎infrastructure, and ‎opportunities necessary to thrive in their ventures.

RWCCI serves as a platform and forum for ‎women in the ‎Rawalpindi district to collaborate and contribute to overall business development in the region. ‎


RWCCI strives to empower female leaders and entrepreneurs by providing them ‎with the ‎utmost support in an ‎empowering environment of sanctuary for Women in the ‎Business community, ‎promoting ‎freedom, security ‎and creativity‎‏.‏ PFWBC will be a unique hub formation of professionals that have ‎combined their ‎experience to ‎support female ‎entrepreneurs in establishing their brands and ‎allowing ‎transparent and effective ‎interactions with their ‎consumers, offering services to SMBs ‎‎and Enterprises‎‏.‏ The Chamber also facilitate providing Research, Training, Brand Development, and ‎marketing ‎facilities ‎to the ‎existing entrepreneurs to begging and ‎continue their ‎intersection with the national ‎and international ‎


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transform in 2020.

The Rawalpindi Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry envisions a society where women entrepreneurs ‎and professionals are empowered, economically independent, and actively contributing to the growth and ‎development of Rawalpindi. RWCCI aims to be a leading force in championing the cause of women's economic ‎empowerment, fostering an inclusive business ecosystem, and breaking down barriers that hinder women from ‎reaching their full potential. By promoting gender equality and providing a supportive platform, RWCCI seeks to ‎inspire and transform the lives of women, creating a future where women-led businesses thrive, and women's ‎voices are heard and valued in the business community.‎


Providing distinctive workspace solutions, facilities, and technology to make women ‎entrepreneurs run ‎businesses and reach out to regional and International markets ‎successfully.‎

The mission of the Rawalpindi Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RWCCI) is to empower women ‎entrepreneurs and professionals in Rawalpindi, Pakistan by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, ‎and support to succeed in their business endeavors. RWCCI aims to create a conducive environment that fosters ‎economic growth, gender equality, and sustainable development. Through its various programs and initiatives, ‎RWCCI strives to promote entrepreneurship, facilitate networking opportunities, and advocate for the rights ‎and interests of women in the business world. ‎

RWCCI Pakistan
RWCCI Pakistan
Hina Mansab Khan

Empowering women in business

RWCCI is a beacon of support, providing essential resources and opportunities for success. Together, we'll shape a future where female leaders flourish and contribute to regional and international markets.

Group Leader Message

Hina Mansab Khan

Saboohi Hussain

RWCCI: A Catalyst for Women's Empowerment

RWCCI is a beacon of support, empowering women entrepreneurs to thrive. We provide workspace solutions, ‎cutting-edge facilities, and transformative technology, enabling our members to access global markets and ‎make a lasting impact.‎

Our unwavering commitment to women's entrepreneurship is rooted in the belief that when women succeed, ‎communities prosper. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where female leaders can innovate, ‎collaborate, and achieve their full potential.‎

As we look to the future, RWCCI will continue to be a driving force for change. We will expand our reach, forge ‎new alliances, and champion the voices of women in the global marketplace. Together, we will redefine the ‎landscape of entrepreneurship and leave an indelible mark on the world of business.‎

I invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Let us harness the power of women's leadership and ‎create a future where success knows no gender.‎

President Message

Saboohi Hussain

Our Values

Regard – Treating all well and work with civility and regard, the manner in which you need to be dealt with.‎ Compassion – Listening and understanding the sentiments and thoughts of others.‎ Shared Responsibility – taking possession and functioning as a group through joint effort among all partners.‎ Consistency – being steady in acing and keeping up guidelines in administrations and by and large the picture of ‎the foundation.‎ Advancement – steady imagination in Research, Development and administrations for esteem expansion and ‎surpassing desires for individuals, partners and representatives.



National Chamber Partnership‎

RWCCI has established strong partnerships with national chambers of commerce, promoting collaboration and ‎synergy. Through these partnerships, we advocate for policies that foster business development, increase ‎investments, expand tax networks, and boost exports. We actively engage with representatives from national ‎chambers to address local business concerns and strive for mutually beneficial solutions. By leveraging these ‎partnerships, we provide our members with enhanced networking opportunities, access to valuable resources, ‎and a stronger voice in shaping national business policies.‎

International Chamber Partnership‎

RWCCI recognizes the significance of global connectivity and the vast potential of international markets. We ‎have established strategic partnerships with renowned international chambers of commerce to facilitate our ‎members' access to global markets. These partnerships open doors to networking opportunities, market ‎insights, and business collaborations on an international scale. Through these alliances, we enable our members ‎to broaden their reach, establish valuable connections, and explore new avenues for growth and expansion ‎beyond national borders.‎

Local Institutions‎

RWCCI values the collaboration and support of local institutions in creating a conducive environment for ‎women entrepreneurs. We actively engage with local educational institutions, government bodies, and industry ‎associations to provide comprehensive support to our members. We facilitate research and training programs ‎in collaboration with these institutions, equipping our members with the skills and knowledge necessary to ‎excel in their respective industries. Moreover, we work closely with local institutions to promote ‎entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development in the Rawalpindi district, thereby creating a thriving ‎business ecosystem for our members and the wider community. ‎