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empowering women‎
empowering women‎


About Company

The Rawalpindi Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RWCCI) is a dynamic and influential non-profit ‎organization dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs and professionals in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. With a ‎strong commitment to promoting economic growth and gender equality, RWCCI provides a supportive platform ‎for networking, skill development, and advocacy. Through its various programs and initiatives, RWCCI fosters ‎the growth of women-led businesses, facilitates access to financing and resources, and promotes ‎entrepreneurship as a viable career option for women. By actively engaging with government bodies, industry ‎leaders, and other stakeholders, RWCCI plays a crucial role in shaping policies and creating an enabling ‎environment for women's economic empowerment. With its unwavering dedication and collective strength, ‎RWCCI continues to empower and uplift women in Rawalpindi, driving sustainable economic development and ‎fostering a more inclusive business landscape.‎

RWCCI Services

We Facilitate Our Members by Offering Wide Range of Services


Women Entrepreneur

Standing Committee, women entrepreneurs get an opportunity


Networking Opportunities

build valuable connections with like-minded individuals‎


Business Development‎

RWCCI offers a range of services to help you grow your business‎


Visibility and Branding‎

Gain visibility for your business ‎with RWCCI


Access to Resources

Providing authentic information about trade & industry‎


Academic & Research Partners

We equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed

Why Choose RWCCI?

RWCCI serves as a beacon of support

offering women entrepreneurs the essential resources, ‎infrastructure, and ‎opportunities necessary to thrive in their ventures.

National Chamber Partnership‎

RWCCI has established strong partnerships with national chambers of commerce, promoting collaboration and ‎synergy.

International Chamber Partnership‎

RWCCI recognizes the significance of global connectivity and the vast potential of international markets.‎

Local Institutions‎

RWCCI values the collaboration and support of local institutions in creating a conducive environment for ‎women entrepreneurs.‎

Schedule An Appointment for ‎Visa Letter

Get intouch with the RWCCI office to schedule an appointment for your visa application support‎.

Empower Female Leaders ‎
Empower Female Leaders ‎

Why People Choose Our Insurance

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• Excel Lab - 30% Discount‎ • Bio Care Lab - 40% Discount‎ • IDC Lab - 20% Discount‎ • Roots Millennium - Discount • Citi Lab - 20% Discount‎ • Ali Medical Center - 20% off on all services‎ • Salon Designer 10% off on all items expert hair salon courses.‎ • Islamabad Eye Center 20% off • KEUNEPakistan 10% off ‎
‎- Help with Visa Certification ‎ ‎- SECP Certification Assistance ‎- Business Advisory Services ‎ ‎- Business Networking ‎- Seminars ‎- Linkage between International Markets
‎1. CNIC#‎ ‎2. Yearly Tax Return#‎ ‎3. NTN#‎ ‎4. Email Address‎ ‎5. Phone # ‎6. Business name & details along with company profile if available ‎7. Deposit of fee 3400 in bank account

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