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Mrs Rahat Farooq owner of RAHAT Saloon is a well know beauty experts of Rawalpindi Rahat Beauty saloon & Training Center is greatly honored because she has made the art of make up a profession. It is only her dedicated efforts which have made the ladies of all the classes realizing the beauty salon are not only for the upper class ladies but ladies from other classes can also visit these Beauty salon as the rate set by Rahat Salon Saloon & Training Center are within the reach of the ladies from all classes. Different world altogether. They have set a stunning interior to make customers feel relaxed at the Rahat Parlor Beauty Salonduring Facial, Cutt’s Mani/Padi cure, Hair treatment etc.  Clients are guaranteed to enjoy Rahat Parlor Beauty Salon services which are carried out in a relaxing environment by the professional experts. They have highly trained staff, which will do their best to make you feel as want to feel and also give you advice on your skin and health. They are also offering training classes for ladies who have strong interest in it and want to become beauty specialist themselves.

Rahat Farooq is the creative force behind Rahat salon. Salons are global, informal events focused on building a community of artists, developers, and creators of all kinds around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology. The first event took place in Rawaloindi in 2006 with the idea to replicate in other locations internationally. Whether you’re familiar with Creative Commons or are brand new to the concepts behind it, we encourage you to check out a salon near you.Resources for starting your own Salon.
There are a few important items to consider before you start a Salon. These are by no means requirements but rather guidelines and tips that we have discovered in planning our own Salons they should be seen as a starting point meant to spark ideas for your own Salon as they are all unique.

It is important to remember that each location will have its own unique slant on the Salon format. While the Salons are meant to function generally as a way for people interested in to meet up and socialize, Salons can (and should) focus on a specific theme – the arts, computer programming, social networking, etc. This theme needn’t be static – it can change every Salon – but it helps to get speakers who will be able to speak on similar topics.
To ensure a strong turnout, it is important to understand how often your audience is willing to meet up. Similarly, think about how many presenters and projects you can rotate through on a continuous basis. These two factors could mean a Salon happening every month, every 6 months, or even every eachlocale is different. The better you can space the Salons according to your audience and presenters, the better turn out and dialogue you will have, making the Salon more successful as a whole.

Having the Salon in a consistent space will help ensure repeat attendance. Reach out to local art galleries, bars/pubs, and even universities to see if they can offer you a block of time to use their space for free. The space doesn’t need to be extravagant and it is good to remember that a small but full space is more conducive to discussion than a large but empty one.
It is important to allow presenters the ability to showcase media – be it video, audio, slideshow, or other. Speakers and a projector aren’t essential to the Salons but they will make them run much smoother. If your venue doesn’t have those things on hand, ask around to your friends and co-workers. More likely than not someone will have something that will work.

Rahat run Salons are free and open to the public and there is little to no money spent on additional resources. We encourage you to make do with the sparsest of budgets – in regards to promotion we are happy to blog any Salons happening and Rahat mailing-lists are a great way to promote as well.

Salons tend to be run in an open manner, allowing people to mingle and socialize as they see fit. Outside of this there are often two to three presenters who will speak to their own use of icenses, be it personal or for a larger organization they are part of. This is by no means a rigid guideline but rather a starting point – feel free to screen a film, hold a panel discussion, have a live music performance, or anything else that may be relevant. Most importantly, remember to have fun!

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Brands Name: Rahat Saloon

Contact info:
Founder Vice President: Rawalpindi Women Chamber of Commerce &
Industry (2016-2018-RWCCI)
Member: National Business Women Council (NBWC-2017)
President: Pak International Beauticians Firm (PIBF)
Director UB: Online Business
PMLN: Coordinator Ladies Wing
Office: DD-72/2 ST# 6,Gulshan Dadan Khan Rawalpindi
Mob: +92 3319202480
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E-mail: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
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Address: Shaheed Benazir Butto, Human Right Centre For women,Socail Welfare Complex II Shamsabad Rawalpindi.